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Acrow Prop

Acrow Prop

Acrow prop, also known as shoring post, is a vertical support device used in construction and formwork to support horizontal beams and formwork decks. It is designed to provide temporary support during building construction, maintenance work, or renovation projects.

Types of Acrow Prop

Italia Light Props
“Italia” Light Prop

Light props are adjustable steel props used in construction to support formwork, ceilings, walls, and trenches.

French Prop
French Prop

French props are most used in the French-speaking countries. It is a temporary support device designed to provide vertical support.

DIN EN 1065 EURO Prop

The DIN EN 1065 EURO Prop is standardized European norm that specifies requirements for adjustable steel props used in construction.

Fork Head Prop

Fork Head Prop is a type of adjustable steel prop used in construction to support horizontal beams and formwork.

Push-pull Prop

Push-pull props can be used to operate pulling and pushing to hold the formworks in position when laying at the site.

Aluminium Prop
Aluminium Prop

Aluminum props are particularly suitable for applications where portability and ease of handling are important.

More Superior Welding Process

APAC uses only high-quality materials in our welding process to ensure the strength, stability, and durability of our acrow props. This includes high-grade steel and other materials that are resistant to corrosion and wear, which lay a good foundation for subsequent welding.

Our welding team consists of skilled and experienced professionals who are trained to ensure precise and accurate welding of each joint. They are equipped with the latest welding equipment and tools to deliver exceptional results. And they will adopt advanced welding techniques such as MIG (Metal Inert Gas) and TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas).

Should you require any further information about our acrow props, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Adjustable Acrow props

Cost-effective Acrow Props

Acrow props are designed to be durable and long-lasting. Our acrow props are made from high-quality steel, ensuring that they can withstand heavy loads and withstand the rigors of construction projects. The acrow props ensures that customers can reuse them multiple times, maximizing their investment.

Acrow props are easy to install and dismantle, which helps reduce labor costs and save time. With their simple design and user-friendly adjustment mechanisms, workers can quickly set up and remove acrow props, optimizing productivity and minimizing downtime.

Circumspect After-sale Service

APAC team is dedicated to responding to any post-purchase inquiries or issues in a timely manner. Your concerns are our priority, and we strive to provide quick and effective solutions. As for the technical support, we offer technical assistance to address any questions you may have regarding the installation, usage, or maintenance of our scaffolding products. Our engineers are proficient in English, and can help you address your problems as soon as possible.

We value your feedback on our products and services. Our after-sales team welcomes your input and suggestions, as we continually seek to enhance our offerings based on customer experiences.

after-sale service

Applications of Acrow Props

  • Construction support: Acrow props are extensively used in construction projects to provide temporary support for beams, columns, walls, and ceilings.
  • Formwork systems: Acrow props are an integral part of formwork systems used in concrete construction.
  • Shoring and propping: Acrow props are commonly used for shoring and propping applications, where temporary support is required during excavation, underground construction, or installation of utilities.
  • Scaffolding: Acrow props can be used as vertical supports within scaffolding systems. They provide additional stability and reinforcement to the scaffolding structure, ensuring the safety of workers who perform tasks at elevated heights.

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