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Safety Nets

Safety Net

A scaffold safety net is a protective barrier that is installed around scaffolding structures to prevent falling objects, debris, and workers from falling off the platform. It acts as a safety measure to mitigate the risks associated with working at heights on construction sites or other elevated areas.

Types of Safety Net

sAfety nets in multiple colors are available
Safety Net
Blue Safety Net
Green Safety Net
Orange Safety Net
Safety Net
Black Safety Net

Nylon safety nets are of high strength. They are commonly used in heavy-duty applications.

Polyethylene (PE)

PE safety nets are lightweight and flexible while still providing good strength and durability.

More Advanced Production Process

APAC primarily uses great polyester materials as the core component for our safety nets. These materials possess exceptional durability and tensile strength, guaranteeing the stability and longevity of the nets even in bad environments.

Our advanced production techniques incorporate a unique weaving process that ensures a consistently uniform mesh and tightly woven structure in our safety nets. This effectively prevents workers from falling to the ground. Moreover, our skilled workers boast over five years of experience in weaving, assuring the utmost quality of our safety nets.

To further enhance the strength and stability of our products, we employ hot-melt technology during the manufacturing process. This reinforces the structural integrity of our safety nets, bolstering their overall performance.

Safety Net
safety net

Excelent Production Capacity to Meet Your Demands

APAC boasts three state-of-the-art production facilities spanning over tens of thousands of square meters. Equipped with advanced production equipment and technology, we have the capability to meet all order requirements efficiently. Whether it’s large-scale engineering projects or personalized customization, we are well-equipped to deliver on time.

Furthermore, our extensive inventory ensures an ample supply at all times. We can promptly fulfill orders for both standard and special specification products. This not only meets our customers’ urgent needs but also guarantees uninterrupted supply during peak production periods or fluctuations in seasonal demand.

Strict Quality Control of Safety Nets

As a safety net supplier, APAC prioritizes the significance of quality as the lifeline of our enterprise. To uphold this commitment, we have implemented comprehensive quality control measures to ensure that each product adheres to stringent quality standards.

So we conduct comprehensive testing on the finished products. Utilizing advanced testing equipment and methods, we subject each batch of safety nets to rigorous load-bearing tests. These tests encompass static and dynamic load-bearing assessments, evaluating the product’s capacity to withstand varying conditions. Testing parameters include, but are not limited to, load-bearing capacity, durability, and tensile strength. Only safety nets that pass these meticulous inspections are authorized for sale and distribution.

load-bearing capacity test

Applications of Safety Nets

Safety nets are installed around scaffolding to catch workers or debris in case of a fall, and they can be compatible with many kinds of scaffolding systems, such as ringlock scaffolds, kwikstage scaffolds, cuplock scaffolds, etc.

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