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Brick Guards

Scaffold Brick Guard

Scaffold brick guards is to create a physical barrier between the handrail and toe board of the scaffolding, to prevent material and debris from falling to the ground from the upper scaffold.


Different Types of Brick Guards For You

blue brick guards
Colorful Plastic Brick Guards

Multiple ranges of colors and customization are available to meet customers’ demands.

Strengthen Brick Guard
Strengthen Plastic Brick Guards

Integrated plastic brick guard board with strength hole and integrated toe board clamp is more durable and stable.

Steel Wire Mesh Brick Guards

Lightweight zinc-plated brick guards can also be powder-coated for your desired color.

mental brick guards
Metal Brick Guards

Hanging on the guardrail rail, closing the space between the rail and the work deck to ensure safety.

Brick Guards with Unique Design

The unique brick guards are superior to other products in the market. Its distinctive integrated design does not require additional hooks to connect, so customers don’t have to worry about the loss of brick protection hooks. 

At the bottom of our brick guards, we designed two special clips, so the clips can be inserted into the toe board, which will prevent the movement of the brick guards, even in high winds, the system can still be very stable. The new and unique hook design uses smooth lines to maximize durability, and at the same time allows the hook of each brick protective device to be nested in adjacent hooks without tangling.

Brick Guards detail

Durable and Safe Brick Guards

Brick guards are designed to be used for building working platforms or scaffolding passages to improve the safety of the working environment.

These mesh barriers on scaffolding handrails and skirting boards can prevent bricks and debris from falling off the scaffolding structure and ensure the safety of workers and nearby pedestrians. Brick shields are made of steel or plastic, so they are durable and can be used repeatedly.

The steel guardrail is a mesh plate made of carbon steel. In galvanized steel, the manufacturer applies a layer of zinc coating on the outer surface of the steel to make the steel corrosion. 

Customized Brick Guards

APAC provides customized colors, which can be molded or printed into brick protection devices with customers’ names or logos, without hidden costs or additional labor requirements.

The edge protection barriers are engineered and manufactured in a range of sizes &heights. There are also several different fixtures that you can install, relocate, and remove in various ways depending on your demands.


Reliable Packaging and Delivery

APAC has already considered the transportation and storage problem, so our brick guards are easy to stack, easy to separate, and anti-tangle guaranteed, great for storage, delivery, and movement around the site.

All products will be packaged and stacked in steel trays to ensure that they will not be damaged during transportation. For shipment, we recommend that you start with one full container, as shipping costs can be expensive with less than one container, even if you choose to ship by sea.


Applications of Brick Guards

The brick guard can be used on any form of scaffolding, including ringlock scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding, aluminum scaffolding,etc.

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