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Fire Retardant Containment Mesh

The fire retardant containment mesh is a specially designed system that effectively encloses scaffolding from the inside, ensuring the safety of workers at height. Its primary purpose is to prevent any objects from falling off the scaffolding, thus minimizing the risk of potential injuries and property damage.


Use Fire Retardant Containment Mesh to Work Smart

  • Significant saving in labor installation and dismantle times
  • Wire is eliminated completely with no wire tangles or potential lacerations – Reduction of trip hazards
  • Decreased product weight compared to traditional chain and shade systems
  • Can be re-used multiple times (Prior to re-use, all mesh rolls to be checked for structural integrity)
  • Can be cut and shaped easily
FRC-MESH Gen2 Blue

The Applications of the Fire Retardant Containment Mesh

The fire retardant containment mesh has become an indispensable material in the construction industry. It not only prevents fires from spreading, but also provides many other benefits. It provides good protection against debris and dust generated during the construction process, keeping workers safe and maintaining a clean working environment. FRC-Mesh is durable and lasting, making it a cost-effective solution for construction sites. It is also easy to install and dismantle, providing flexibility for contractors.

Installation & Uninstallation

the installation of FRC-Mesh
the installation of FRC-Mesh

Movement & Storage

We are Fire Retardant Containment Mesh Supplier

Types of Fire Retardant Containment

  • APAC can supply you the Fire Retardant Containment Uni- mesh in blue, black, beige and red colors.


  • You can also contact us for customization.

Manufacturing Processes

  • We strictly combine the woven mesh and the steel-plastic grid of strips by means of ultrasonic welding technology. The steel- plastic grid of strips are on both sides and the woven mesh(debris net) is in the middle of the strips, welded together them to one piece.
  • Each steel-plastic grid strip contains 6 wires, this design makes the Fire Retardant Containment Uni-mesh stronger and more durable than traditional scaffolding debris net
  • Save your time, cost and labour with APAC’s Fire Retardant Containment Uni-mesh, which looks great after installation. It is the perfect choice for fall protection on scaffold work platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions.


Yes, Scaffold Net is reusable. When you install the products the first time, you don't need to use destructive procedures. Attaching them with tie clips is sufficient to achieve the target strength. So, you can quickly disassemble the mesh from a previous installation by removing the earlier clips and avoiding any significant damage. Small perforations during the previous installation do not affect the quality. These meshes are ready to be reused at other sites and you don't need to replace them with new ones. For reuse, follow the same steps following the installation the first time.

When rolling up the fireproof net, it should be securely fixed with tape, rope, or another fastening method and then wrapped in plastic film. Finally, firmly seal the plastic outer packaging with tape. You may also specify alternative packing methods.


We strictly control quality in every working procedure according to ISO:9001 quality management system. Welcome to visit our factory to know more about us.

Always a pre-production sample before mass production.
Always final inspection before shipment.

T/T % in advance & T/T upon sending the copy of Bill of Lading, L/ C , or negotiate according to the order status.

Yes, we require all international orders to have a minimum order(MOQ) quantity.Orders less than MOQ are not cost effective due to the combined costs of shipping costs and duties. We recommend you to buy from our local distributor.


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