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Snow Tarp

The Snow Tarps are capable of efficiently removing hundreds of feet of snow within a matter of minutes. They can effectively clear snow from challenging and hazardous construction areas, resulting in minimized costs associated with snow removal and delays. Furthermore, they ensure the safety of workers on site while enhancing the productivity of skilled labor.


  Metal Ring Style & Webbing Looping Style

     APAC provides the metal ring style and curled edge style snow tarps.

  • Metal ring style: Consists of stainless-steel rings with a wire diameter of 9mm attached to the end of the ribbon and typically there are eight rings arranged in a meter-shaped pattern.
  • Webbing looping style: This style of snow tarp is achieved by wrapping a ribbon or folding PVC tarpaulin three times.

   Sizes & Weight

  • Size: To cater to the diverse needs of our customers, APAC offer products in various sizes, including10*10, 20*20, 25*25, 30*30 and more.
  • Weight: You can choose 16oz, 18oz, 26oz waterproof PVC snow removal tarp in APAC


  • We provide a wide range of color choices, including black, red, green and blue. Among these options, blue stands out as the most preferred color by our market.
  • Furthermore, APAC also offer personalized customization to cater to your individual preferences.
snow tarps bearing


  • User-friendly: Designed for easy application during the concrete casting stage, the APAC snow tarp offers simple operation and convenient use, eliminating the need for labor-intensive work.
  • Long-lasting protection: APAC snow tarp provides excellent resistance to UV rays, aging, corrosion, and possesses superior toughness for extended durability.
  • Excellent cold resistance: Thanks to the unique material of snow tarp, it is suitable for utilization or storage in cold environments due to its exceptional ability to withstand low temperatures.
  • Superior flexibility and versatile performance: APAC snow tarp with strong tear resistance that prevents breakage, as well as heat and light resistance capabilities.


Material: Made of 100% PVC coated polyester or vinyl fabric

Technical characteristics: APAC uses heat sealed seam technology to enhance the durability of snow tarp; double stitching reinforces the snow tarp workload ribbon and tarpaulin corners for added strength

Quality assurance and convenient storage: The APAC snow tarp is constructed with heavy-duty ribbon material and reinforced lifting rings at each corner seam, this product is easily movable while ensuring long-term usage without damage.


  1. Choose the Right Location: Before the snow begins, identify the area where you need the tarp. This might be your driveway, walkway, or any other surface prone to snow accumulation.
  2. Lay Down the Tarp: Unfold the snow tarp and spread it evenly over the chosen area. Ensure it covers the entire surface you want to protect from snow.
  3. Secure the Edges: To prevent the tarp from shifting or blowing away, secure its edges. You can use weights or specially designed tarp clips for this purpose. Make sure the tarp is taut and well-anchored.
  4. Safety First: As you set up the tarp, be mindful of the potential slip hazards. Wear appropriate footwear and avoid walking on the tarp, especially once it starts to accumulate snow.
  5. Post-Snowfall Removal: After the snowfall, carefully remove the tarp by dragging it to a designated snow deposit area. Be cautious of the additional weight from the snow.



The snow tarps are utilized to clear away snow from construction sites, balconies, and other areas that require protection from the elements using a crane or front-end loader. Prior to a snowstorm, these tarps are carefully positioned over exposed surfaces in preparation for incoming snowfall. Once the snow ceases, they are promptly removed to minimize delays caused by snow removal.


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