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self-climbing scaffolding

Climbing Screen

Climbing screen, also known as lifting scaffolding or self-climbing scaffolding. It is a kind of scaffolding attached to the building, lifting and lowering through the power device, which is a new type of safety protection device for high-rise buildings.

Designed For High-Rise Building

The climbing screen according to the power source can be divided into hydraulic, electric, human hand-pulled, and so on. It is a new type of scaffolding system developed in recent years, specially designed for high-rise building construction. It can go up or down along the building.

  • Elimination of the scaffolding dismantling process (once assembled and used until the end of the construction).
  • No restriction on the height of the building, saving manpower and materials.
  • Higher safety, ideal for high-rise buildings
climbing screen structure
climbing screen customised

Climbing Screen Manufacturer, Support Customization

Climbing frame mesh can be divided into X-type, V-type, and so on.

General size: 1m*2m, 1m*1.5m, 1.2m*1.8m, 1.2m*2m, 1.5m*1.8m, 1.5m*2m (special size can be customized).

Plate thickness: 0.3mm-1.0mm

Pipe thickness: 0.7mm-2mm

Colour: can be customized

Galvanized Climbing Screen For You

We have chosen galvanised sheet metal as the raw material for the Climbing Screen. Galvanised sheet has good anti-rust property, which can ensure that the Climbing Screen is not easy to rust during a long period of time, so as to improve its stability and service life. Secondly, galvanised sheet has good processing properties and is easy to cut, bend, weld and other processing operations, making it convenient to manufacture and process.

For the surface treatment of Climbing Screen, galvanising and surface coating are common. Galvanising improves the rust and corrosion resistance of the material, while painting improves the aesthetics and usability of the product.

powder-coated climbing screen
welded climbing screen

Superior Welding Climbing Screen

During the welding process, we adopt advanced welding equipment and technology to ensure the quality and efficiency of welding.

We use double-sided full welding to ensure that the various components of the Climbing Screen are firmly connected to each other, improving the stability and load-bearing capacity of the overall structure.

Applications of Self-Climbing Scaffolding

This kind of self-climbing scaffolding is suitable for use in a variety of high-rise buildings and a variety of more complex structures on the periphery of the building, and the application of self-climbing scaffolding accounts for 30-50 per cent of the construction of the concrete main body of super-high-rise buildings.

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