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catch fan

Catch Fan

Catch fan typically refers to a safety measure used in scaffolding systems. They are safety nets or structures designed to catch falling objects or debris on a construction site and help prevent objects from falling to lower levels, thereby reducing the risk of injury to workers or damage to property.

Types of Catch Fans

catch fan
Catch Fan 6m
catch fan
Catch Fan 4m

Premium Metal Material of Catch Fan

In APAC, aluminum and steel are the preferred metals for scaffold catch fans due to their distinct advantages.

  • Aluminum’s lightweight nature facilitates easy installation and maneuverability of catch fan components during scaffold assembly and maintenance. Despite being light, aluminum offers high strength, contributing to the structural integrity of catch fans while minimizing the overall load on the scaffold. 
  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel, on the other hand, is an excellent choice for outdoor applications due to the superior protection provided by its zinc coating against rust and corrosion. This material is highly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, extreme temperatures, and other environmental factors that may damage other materials.

Customization is available

As a reputable supplier of scaffold catch fans, APAC is dedicated to providing tailored solutions to ensure that our products meet the exact specifications of each project.

The safety net features a standard 60×60mm mesh size, while the catch fan’s standard delivery includes a fine mesh with a 20×20mm size, securely attached to the safety net to prevent small object falls. Upon request, the mesh structure can include an extra third layer for dust screening. Custom sizes are available to meet specific customer requirements. 

Our APAC factory is equipped with advanced equipment and instruments to cater to diverse customer needs. Customers have the option to specify the colors and sizes for the catch fan.

Excellent Manufacturing Technique

As a leading supplier of scaffolding safety nets, APAC is dedicated to delivering top-quality products and services to our customers. 

Firstly, the nets are Knotless, which offers several advantages compared to traditional knotted nets. They are smoother and have no knots, reducing the risk of abrasion on both equipment and workers. The absence of knots minimizes stress points, increasing the overall lifespan of the net.

Secondly, our scaffold catch fan nets are equiped with specially net buckles with a unique design and exceptional load-bearing performance. These net buckles tighten to strengthen the load-bearing capability, so as to ensure the stability of the safety net.

Additionally, our nets boast consistent mesh sizes and uniform distribution, ensuring even stress distribution and enhancing the protective effect and service life of the safety net.


Applications of Catch Fan

  • Construction Industry: Catch fans are installed at the edges of scaffolding structures to prevent falling objects.
  • Industrial Sites: Catch fans are also utilized in industrial settings where there is a risk of objects falling from elevated platforms or structures.
  • Warehouse and Storage Facilities: Catch fans can be installed in warehouses and storage facilities to secure items stored at heights.

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