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mental brick guard

Metal Brick Guard

Scaffolding metal brick guards are specialized protective barriers designed to be installed on scaffolding structures to prevent objects from falling and causing damage to brickwork or other building materials during construction or maintenance.

Types of Metal Brick Guards

blue metal brick guard
Standard Metal Brick Guard

Surface Treatment: Hot-dipped galvanizing, powder coating.

yellow metal brick guard
Reinforced Metal Brick Guard

Surface Treatment: Hot-dipped galvanizing, powder coating.

Extention metal brick guard
Extension Metal Brick Guard

Surface Treatment: Hot-dipped galvanizing, powder coating.

Strong Weld Points

Strong weld points effectively enhance the stability of metal brick guards used on scaffolding, ensuring they can bear significant weight and pressure without deformation or displacement, finally providing reliable protection and safety for personnel and equipment.

Furthermore, robust weld points also improve the durability of the metal brick guards, as the weld points are more resistant to environmental factors and stress, minimizing the risk of weld expansion and fractures and extending their service life.


Superior Raw Material

APAC strictly controls the quality of raw materials and selects high-quality steel for the following advantages:

  • High Strength: Through careful smelting and rolling, they exhibit exceptional strength and toughness, suitable for various complex structures and heavy-duty work.
  • Corrosion Resistance: After special anti-rust treatment, they demonstrate excellent corrosion resistance, maintaining performance and appearance in harsh environments for an extended period.
  • Good Weldability: They offers outstanding weldability, facilitating easy welding and connection to enhance construction efficiency and ensure structural stability.

Well-packed Metal Brick Guards

APAC packing employs advanced materials and methods to ensure product safety and stability during transportation and storage.

Initially, we tightly wrap the protective net with plastic film to prevent damage or contamination during delivery.

Subsequently, to enhance stability and safety, we utilize metal or wooden pallets as support and fixation devices. Metal pallets offer high bearing capacity and durability, capable of withstanding substantial weight and pressure. Wooden pallets provide flexibility and seismic performance to prevent shifting or deformation during transportation.

Finally, we secure the packed metal brick guards with bundling to ensure stability and safety during transportation and storage.


Applications of Metal Brick Guards

Metal brick guards are compatible with multiple kinds of scaffoldings, such as ringlock scaffoldings, kwikstage scaffoldings and cuplock scaffoldings.

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