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Scafftag Holder

A scafftag holder is a device used in construction and industrial settings to securely hold a scaffolding tag, which provides important safety information and inspection details for the scaffolding. The holder is typically designed to attach to the scaffolding structure and protect the tag from damage or loss while providing easy access for viewing and updating the information as needed.

Types of Scafftag Holder

standard scafftag holder
Standard Scafftag Holder
Large Multi-Functional Scaffold tag Holder
Lager Scafftag Holder
Lockout scafftag holder
Safety Lockout Scafftag Holder
osha tagout scaffold tag holder
OSHA Tagout Scafftag Holder
Mobile Tower Scafftag Holder
colorful scaffold tag holder
Colorful Scafftag Holder

Superb ABS Material of Scafftag Holders

As a renowned supplier of scaffold products in China, APAC has thoroughly considered numerous factors when selecting scafftag holder material. 

  • Ease of Machining: ABS can be easily machined, drilled, or cut, making it convenient for manufacturers to work with.
  • Thermal Stability: ABS maintains its properties over a wide temperature range, which makes it versatile for different applications.
  • Surface Finish: ABS can be easily painted, glued, and post-processed, allowing for a variety of finishing options.
ABS material
Scaffolding Lockout Tags

Samples of Scafftag Holders for You

Product samples are pivotal for customers in evaluating suppliers’ capabilities and product quality. As a leading supplier, our company has earned the trust and support of customers through exceptional output and quality. We will demonstrate our company’s advantages through our product samples.

Recognizing the significance of product samples to customers, we place great emphasis on their quality. From design to production, material selection to technology, we greatly oversee every aspect to ensure that our samples fully showcase the quality and characteristics of our products.

Furthermore, we prioritize the packaging and transportation of samples. So we utilize professional packaging materials and transportation methods to guarantee intact delivery of samples. Additionally, we collaborate with reputable international express delivery companies and teams to ensure timely receipt of satisfactory samples by customers.

Customization is Available

To meet diverse needs, APAC offers various types of customer selection. Whether it is small batch trial production, customized or special edition products, our experienced and skilled production team can tailor products to meet specific customer requirements, and we have the capability to deliver satisfying results in time.

We also have consistently introduced world-class production technology and equipment to enhance production efficiency and quality assurance capabilities. Additionally, we maintain open communication and collaboration with customers, staying updated on their feedback and requirements. This allows us to continuously optimize our product customization programs, ensuring that the quality and impact of our products align with customers’ expectations.


Applications of Scafftag Holders

Scafftag holders are commonly used in construction and industrial settings to hold Scafftags, which are compatible with scaffolding systems.

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