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shoring post

Shoring Post

A shoring post, also known as a shore post or shoring prop, is a vertical support used in construction to provide temporary support to structures, walls, trenches, or formwork. These posts are designed to bear the weight of materials and structures during construction or renovation, helping to prevent collapses or other structural failures.

Types of Shoring Post

galvanized shoring post

Galvanized Shoring Post

Heavy-duty Shoring Post

Heavy Duty Shoring Post

Medium-duty Shoring Post

Medium Duty Shoring Post

Light Duty Shoring Post

Components of Shoring Post

High-quality Surface Treatment

To ensure product quality and service life, APAC primarily uses hot-dipped galvanizing and powder coating.

Hot-dipped galvanizing involves immersing metal parts in a molten zinc bath to create a corrosion-resistant coating, making it ideal for outdoor applications due to its thicker protective layer. Similarly, powder coating applies a dry powder to metal surfaces, providing excellent durability, resistance to chipping and corrosion, and a wide range of color options for both decorative and functional use.

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shoring post

Exquisite Cutting Process

The cutting process involves precision and attention to detail to ensure the posts are accurately sized and shaped. Here are the steps for an exquisite cutting process of shoring posts in APAC :

  • Material Selection: Choose high-quality materials such as steel for the shoring posts, ensuring they have the necessary strength and load-bearing capacity.

  • Measurement and Marking: Accurately measure and mark the points on the material where the cuts will be made. Precision in measurement is crucial for the proper functioning of the shoring posts.

  • Cutting Process: Carefully cut the material at the marked points, following the measurements precisely. This step requires steady hands and attention to detail to avoid errors in the cutting process.

  • Deburring and Smoothing: After the initial cuts, deburr the edges and smooth out any rough surfaces to ensure the shoring posts are safe to handle and free from sharp edges.

Sufficient Inventory to Meet Your Demands

As a large manufacturer and supplier, APAC has sufficient inventory to meet market demand and cope with market changes.

In the case of abundant inventory, customers do not need to wait for production or transfer goods from other places, but can directly choose the products they need from abundant inventory, thus saving procurement time and improving procurement efficiency. In addition, customers can also reduce the extra costs brought by frequent ordering and delivery, save freight, and control costs.


APAC Convenient Logistics System

APAC offers a global logistics network, ensuring timely and reliable services for shipping your goods to any country or region safely and swiftly.

Our experienced logistics team provides specific solutions to meet your needs, leveraging advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence for improved efficiency and accuracy. Through real-time tracking and updates, customers can stay informed about their products throughout transit. Cooperating with leading logistics firms, we prioritize safe and expedited deliveries, reducing your time costs.


Applications of Shoring Post

Construction: Shoring posts are commonly used in construction to provide temporary support for formwork, walls, beams, and other structural elements during building erection or renovation.

Trench Shoring: Shoring posts are employed to prevent trench collapse and maintain the stability of excavations, ensuring the safety of workers and preventing soil cave-ins.

Temporary Structural Support: Shoring posts provide temporary support for structures undergoing repairs, alterations, or reinforcements, ensuring stability during the process.

Wall Bracing: Shoring posts are utilized to brace and support walls during construction or renovation to prevent lateral movement or collapse.

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