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Scafftag Inserts

The Scafftag Inserts provided by APAC can be inserted into Scaffold Holders to ensure scaffold safety through effective communication and regular status checks at multiple locations. These clear and durable scafftag inserts provide system, procedural and legal compliance for scaffolds at worksites.

Details of Scaffold Inserts

  • Tag Insert Material: Rigid PVC
  • Tag Type: Scaffold Safety Tag
  • Text Legend: DO NOT USE SCAFFOLD
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use: Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Write-On? Yes

SCAFFTAG Scaffold Inspection Tag Inserts

Green means the scaffolding is safe to use.


Yellow means it is safe to use, but modifications have been made that workers should be aware of.


Red means that the scaffolding is NOT safe to use, and workers should avoid using it until it is repaired or replaced.

What is a Scafftag Caution Inserts Used For

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has guidelines and requirements for scaffolding safety. While there are no specific requirements in place for scaffold tags, 29 CFR 1926.200(h)(1) includes a citation that requires warning tags be placed on defective tools, equipment, and other existing hazards.

Scaffolding tags are primarily used to show workers when scaffolding is, and is not, safe to use. A scaffolding safety tag is placed onto key points of the scaffold, and used after a scaffold inspection has taken place. Scaffolding safety tags can be used on any type of scaffolding, occurring at any access point.

The worlds leading scaffold tagging safety system, Scafftag helps to prevent working at height hazards and efficiently manage inspection procedures. A scafftag should be securely located at all legal access points, and should remain on the scaffolding until dismantle.

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scaffolding tag inserts

What the Scaffold Tag Should Include

There are a few things that you must include in your scaffold tag. Here are five features that must be included in your tag:

The Importance of Tagging Scaffolding

  • The use of scaffolding labels can assist construction workers in understanding the status of scaffolding, promoting site standardization, and minimizing safety risks. It is essential for construction site managers to ensure that these labels are clearly visible and regularly updated to prioritize worker safety and enhance efficiency.
  • It helps workers understand how the scaffold should be erected.By tagging each piece of scaffolding, you can create a visual guide that workers can follow when putting up the scaffold. This is especially important if you have workers unfamiliar with scaffolding.
  • It helps workers understand the safe load-bearing capacity of the scaffold. By tagging the scaffold with its maximum load-bearing capacity, you can help workers avoid exceeding this limit. This is important because exceeding the maximum load-bearing capacity of a scaffold can cause it to collapse, leading to serious injuries or even death.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact with us.

It is the scaffold users/hirers responsibility to ensure that all scaffolding has been inspected as follows: following installation/before first use, at an interval of no more than every 7 days thereafter.

OSHA requires the general contractor in section 1926.451(f)(3) to have scaffolds and scaffold components inspected for visible defects by a competent person prior to each work shift and after any occurrence which could affect a scaffold's structural integrity.

Sure,customers' logo can be made by engraved, embossed, printing etc.

Our products have been tested intensively before being brought to market, we already have relevant test reports and videos. We provide samples, costs depend on the price of the products. Sample fee and freight cost shall be paid by the buyer. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any interest.

Upon your first formal order in considerable quantity, we will return it to you.

Exactly freight rates can be served if we get the details of amount, weight and way. Please contact us for further more information.


Applications of Construction Used Printable Safety Scaffold Tag

The printable safety scaffold tag for construction offer a wide range of versatile applications, ensuring the safety of workers and compliance with regulations while enhancing the efficiency of construction projects. This cost-effective solution effectively detects scaffold safety and compliance, making it an appealing choice for construction companies.


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